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Talent Mapping & Full-scale Executive Search

Jurga Baltram
Founder of Minds&Finds

Minds&Finds offers recruitment services specializing in placing candidates for important entry, middle, and C-level management positions across various functions and business sectors. The recruitment focus is solely on permanent positions.


Finding the Right Minds

Market Intelligence & Talent Mapping

Part of potential candidates screening process. An important phase of entire recruitment assignment, which purpose is to identify a wide-ranging universe of potential candidates and conduct in-depth market research and sourcing to prepare for active contact.

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Full-scale Executive Search

Full-scale assignment from a talent mapping to pre-screening and initial interview, then to the selection process, with specific expertise and efficient recruitment tools.

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Work & Flow

The duration of the assignment depends on the nature of the request, the required profile and the recruitment method chosen which may vary from several days to about six weeks and beyond.

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Job profile
Talent Market Mapping
Interviewing candidates
Introduction of candidates
Reference check
Coordinating interviews and feedback
Access to the Consultant’s Working Space
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Beliefs & Values


Connecting the right candidates with the right opportunities, ensuring a seamless recruitment experience for the clients.


Building a trust with clients by consistently delivering reliable and credible candidates.


Ensuring that clients experience the highest level of efficiency in their recruitment endeavors is Minds&Finds priority.


A generalist mindset, years of experience, and the ability to navigate professionally through various industries.

Jurga Baltram is a strategist and freelance consultant who discovers and connects talented individuals with companies in need of their skills, aiming for better outcomes.

She brings extensive experience from working with diverse businesses across Western, Central, and Eastern European countries. This experience provides her with a better understanding of the organizations' and candidates' actual needs, allowing her to deliver high-quality and cost-effective consulting and staffing services for her clients.

As employers continuously evaluate their workforce effectiveness, the next business strategy and growth journey demand attention. Minds&Finds lies at the very heart of its core business - executive search - constantly thinking about what's next for both employers and candidates.

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